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Operation Technique Videos

Inion FixOn™Biocomposite Suture Anchor - Rotator Cuff Repair 

ACL reconstruction using the Inion Hexalon™ Screw and
Inion FlipButton™

 Inion Freedom™ - Drill Tap Animation

 Inion Freedom™ System - Ankle Fracture Repair Animation

Inion CPS® Surgical video - Bimaxillary Osteotomy, Dr Keith Altman

Inion S-1™ Spinal Graft Containment System

Medial Malleolar Fixation with biodegradable Inion OTPS™ Screw and Pin

 Inion FreedomPlate™ modification instructions

Inion Freedom™ - Ankle Fixation


Inion CPS® - Orbital Rim Fracture


Inion FreedomTM Plate for Fracture Fixation - Dr Christopher Dougherty


Inion BioRestore™ Handling

All the above videos are also available on YouTube.