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Inion Cranion™ Cranial Fixation Kit

inion-cranion-skull.jpgSterile Cranial Fixation Kit

Inion Cranion™ is a cranial plating system intended for use in cranial closure and/or bone fixation.

Inion Cranion™ consists of titanium plates and self-drilling screws in a sterile pack. The plates are manufactured from pure titanium (ASTM F67/ ISO-5832-2) and the screws are manufactured from Ti6Al4V ELI (ASTM F136/ISO-5832-3).


Inion Cranion™ is indicated for use in craniotomies, cranial trauma repair and reconstruction.

Inion Cranion plate and screws


  • Innovative, firm and steady implant holder
  • Low profile fixation, plate thickness 0.4 mm
  • High strength plates and screws
  • Easy to pick, self-retaining and self-drilling screws
  • Compact, easy to use sterile pack contains plates and screws

Ordering Information

NTK-1512            Sterile kit, 2 hole plate 12 mm, titanium
                                 (consist of 3 pcs 2 hole plates and 6 pcs 1.5 x 4 mm self-drilling screws)
INS-9171              Screwdriver blade, manual
INS-9007              Universal screwdriver handle

Inion Cranion™ brochure

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