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Inion GTR™ Tack


The Inion GTR™ Biodegradable Tacks are intended to be used with the biodegradable membrane by fastening the membrane in position.

The use of Inion GTR™ Tacks with the biodegradable membrane is indicated for surgical treatment of periodontal defects (e.g. class II furcation defects, intrabony defects and recession type defects), for pre-implant and peri-implant surgery and for covering bone defects and empty sockets. 

The Inion GTR™ Biodegradable Tacks are made of degradable copolymers composed of L-Lactide acid, D-lactic acid, and trimethylene carbonate. These polymers degrade in vivo by hydrolysis into alpha-hydroxy acids that are metabolized by the body.Inion-GTR_Tack_ins-disp2.jpg

Benefits of Inion GTR™ Tacks

Fast and easy to use

  • Simple Tack loading by the single use or reusable   Tack Applicator
  •  Easy to reach the surgical site by choosing either  angled or straight end of the Tack Applicator to  insert the Tack
  • Immediate Tack placement after drilling through  the membrane - No suturing is necessary


  • Biodegradable: no removal surgery needed;  based on the in vitro testing, the Tacks retain  approximately 80% of their initial strength 8 weeks  after implantation
  • Safe and synthetic biomaterials

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