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Inion FreedomScrew™

FreedomScrews.jpgInion FreedomScrew™ is a new strong and fully versatile resorbable screw for orthopaedic fixations. Because of its unique manufacturing method and intelligent technical properties Inion FreedomScrew™ offers many clear benefits for the operating surgeon who appreciates easiness, realiability and versatility from the implant.

Benefits of Inion FreedomScrew™Tap_and_screwthread1.jpg

  • High strengh properties to meet the challenges of demanding         orthopaedic fixations
  • Low screw head profile and ability to create new screw head at chosen point of the screw shaft by temperature cautery
  • Delivered with a disposable metallic adapterScrew_cut.jpg
  • Compatible with most of the universal instrumentation used in                     hospitals around the world:  ISO, ASIF, AO
  • Can be cut to the specific length during the operation
  • Low inventory quantities
  • Screws interlock with the plate
  • Transparent and radiolucent



Link to operation technique videos.

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