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Inion FreedomSystem™

Inion FreedomSystem™Inion FreedomPlate™ and Inion FreedomScrew™ together form a resorbable locking system which can be fullfilled by Inion FreedomPin™.

The initial principle behind the development of the Inion FreedomSystem™ has been to keep everything as simple and compatible with existing operation techniques as possible, still offering clear benefits with full versatility, low inventories and excellent strength properties.

Inion FreedomSystem™ is composed of

Benefits of Inion FreedomSystem™

  • Low warehouse inventory with “one screw – one plate” ideology
  • Plate contours perfectly to any anatomy
  • Allows polyaxial and free screw placement
  • Screws interlocking to the plate
  • Low profile construct
  • Inion FreedomPlate™ and Inion FreedomScrew™ are translucent and radiolucent
  • Colored Inion FreedomPin™ provides improved visibility during arthroscopic procedure
  • The most optimal resorbable material compound  
  • Totally biodegradable system 
  • New! Inion FreedomTM Drill tap allows the surgeon to drill and tap a hole for the screw - with one instrument - removing the need for manual tapping.

Link to operation technique videos.

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