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Biodegradable solutions to spinal surgery

Inion’s spine surgery portfolio includes biodegradable plates, screws and necessary instruments for graft containment in anterior cervical and lumbar fusion.

TInion S-1™ Plates and Screwshe benefits of Inion® Spine Systems:

  • Proprietary polymer compound of Inion® family of biodegradable materials: next generation of polymers which have long successful clinical history.
  • Customisable plate design: exact contouring to patient anatomy
  • No imaging interference: 360 degree visualisation of anatomy and graft.
  • Variable angle screw design: optimal screw placement in every patient.
  • Screw interlocks with the plate: reduces the risk of screw back-out.
  • Screw head flush with plate: reduces the risk of soft tissue irritation.
  • Plate allows graft settlement as it degrades: optimum fusion environment is maintained.
  • Radio-opaque marker allows surgeon to monitor plate position without imaging interference.
  • See-through plate design: intraoperative visualisation of graft.
  • Avoidance of long term hardware migration: reduces the need for secondary surgery.
  • Elimination of corrosion risk and metal-induced allergies
  • No obstruction in revision surgery: reduces reoperation time. 

Inion S-1™ is for cervical spine                

Inion S-2™ is for lumbar spine