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Inion FlipButton

Inion FlipButton™ can be used for bone and soft tissue graft fixation e.g. ACL/PCL reconstruction, AC joint dislocation and distal biceps tendon reconstruction.

Benefits of Inion FlipButton™ 


   •  Continuous ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene
       (UHMWPE) loop, with superior strength and stiffness, less loop 
       displacement, ensuring a reliable fixation
   •  Pre-loaded with two UHMWPE USP #5 sutures (1 x white, 1 x
       white/blue), simplifying the use of the device
   •  11 different loop lengths from 12 to 60 mm provide more
       fixation choices
   •  Titanium alloy based button creates safe and stable fixation in                femoral cortex

FlipButton flipping.jpg

Finished fixation.jpg

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