About Inion

Inion Oy is a medical devices company focused on the development and commercialisation of innovative biodegradable and bioactive implants for Speciality Orthopaedic, Craniomaxillofacial, Spinal and Dental applications. By targeting key strategic markets in the USA and select territories in the rest of the world, Inion has built a comprehensive product portfolio sold through a dedicated network of specialist distributors.

Inion’s products include biodegradable plates, screws, pins, anchors and bone graft substitutes, all of which are used to enhance the healing of bone or soft tissue injuries, such as those caused by trauma or by reconstructive surgery. Inion’s core expertise is in the design and manufacture of implants from its proprietary Inion® family of biomaterials, which enables the Company to develop medical implants with properties tailored for specific surgical applications, in terms of strength, flexibility and rate of degradation.

Incorporated in 2000, Inion has offices in Finland and in the USA. The main office with R&D and manufacturing facilities is situated in Tampere, Finland.



Tampere Finland

Inion has its 4500 sq.m purpose-built headquarter in Tampere, Finland housing state-of-the-art manufacturing, laboratory and office facilities, as well as Class 10 000 (ISO 7) cleanroom. Product testing and material analysis such as mechanical, thermal and chemical analyses are conducted in Inion’s specially equipped testing laboratory at this site.

Weston, Florida, USA

Inion has US office in Weston, FL, from which its US sales activities take place.

Job opportunities

For job opportunities, please email us enquiries at info@inion.com