Meet the Team

Our teams of experts at Inion Oy ensure the optimal quality of our products, materials and customer service. We have professionals in logistics, quality, regulatory, administration, marketing and sales working here at Inion headquarters in Tampere, Finland.

Maxine Wang
General Manager,
Member of the Board of Directors
A portrait of a smiling person from the Inion management team wearing a red outfit green background.
Kati Marttinen
Vice General Manager, QA/RA
A portrait of a smiling person in Inion's management and marketing team wearing a suit against green background.
Harri Happonen
Product Management Director
A portrait of Inion's sales director smiling person wearing a blue suit against green background.
Tero Aaltonen
Sales Director
A portrait of a smiling person from Inion's supply chain team of experts wearing black against green background.
Kristiina Rautio
Supply Chain Manager
A portrait of a smiling person from Inion customer service team wearing a blue suit against green background.
Johanna Reunamäki
Customer Service Specialist
A portrait of a smiling person from Inion supply chain team of experts. The portrait is taken against green background.
Irene Tenhunen
Logistics Coordinator
A portrait of a smiling person from the marketing team of experts in white shirt against green background.
Sarianne Niemelä
Marketing Coordinator

Teams of Experts

Five people gathered around a table. They are sitting in green chairs in front of a green Inion rollup and big windows.


Most of Inion’s administrative functions are completely organized with the expertise of our own professionals. Our administrative team coordinates and supervises short- and long-term projects related to IT infrastructure, finance and HR, and ensures that our company’s day-to-day operations in these areas run smoothly.

Anna, IT Specialist

The best bits of my job at Inion consists of learning new knacks, scratching my head with tricky problems and then knocking them out, joking and laughing with colleagues and those rewarding moments when I’m able to geek out on IT functions to help my coworkers do their thing.

Supply Chain

Our supply chain team consists of experts in customer service, logistics and sourcing. Our experts serve as the interface between global customers and our own organization, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. We have a full-scale warehouse and logistics center at Inion headquarters in Tampere, Finland, and all of our bioabsorbable implants are packed and delivered on-site.

A person in black shirt picking up Inion product packages from a well-organized self full of products. The person is from Inion's logistics and quality team of experts.

Johanna, Logistics and Quality Control Operator

Working with high-quality and highly regulated medical devices requires particular care, precision and organisational skills in day-to-day logistics and quality control tasks.
Team of experts standing close to each other wearing white doctor's jackets. One person is showing the other two where to install the bioabsorbable screw in a sawbone ankle model.

Product Management and Marketing

Inion’s marketing team, product experts and sales representatives work closely with clients and end-users. The team focuses on ensuring patient safety through high-quality training and materials. The main goal is to provide innovative, effective, safe surgical implants and instruments to ensure optimal surgical care.

Harri, Product Management Director

Patient safety is the key value of our daily work. I feel privileged to work closely with our customers and support them to provide the best possible care to patients. Continuous communication with healthcare professionals is essential to understand what they need. That is the basis for development of the even better products in the future

Quality and Regulatory

Inion’s quality and regulatory team takes care of regulatory compliance, post market surveillance, clinical affairs, product registrations, quality control and quality assurance. The basis of our quality policy is patient safety and excellent surgical care.

Team meeting with happy people around the table in a conference room.

Hanne, Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager

As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of global requirements for medical devices, our work is all about continuous learning and adaptation. I am thankful for and inspired by our supportive team – together we can overcome these interesting challenges with determination, drive, and a positive mindset.