Education with Bioabsorbable Products

Surgeon Education

Inion is dedicated to ensuring that surgeons worldwide are equipped with the required knowledge, education and experience of Inion® bioabsorbable products and materials in order for them to make the informed choice on where, when and how to use our products. We try to design every product as easy to use as possible, so the handling characteristics of Inion products would be top-class for every surgeon.

The following services are available to facilitate the different stages of surgeon education when working with Inion® products

Distributor Education

We are committed to providing high-quality training for our distributors. Through the training, we make sure that all Inion partners and distributors have thorough knowledge about Inion products and their use. The main goal of distributor education is to ensure patient safety.

We offer the following services to our partners and distributors:

Clinical References

More than 300 000 surgeries have been conducted using Inion® implants since 2001. Several scientific publications demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the Inion® implants. See the list of key references on our Clinical Evidence page or Inion Clinical Reference Guide (PDF).

Inion Polku™ Webinar Program

Inion launched an education program called Inion Polku™ in 2021. The program is built to provide up-to-date information about our bioabsorbable surgical implants and their clinical use.

As part of the education program, we started a webinar series that has been designed to provide helpful information about the Inion technologies, products and their use in surgical applications. The webinars allow us to listen to surgeon guest presenters and our product experts share their experiences with our products. You can find the webinar schedule and recordings of previous presentations on our webinar page. All webinars are free-of-charge.

Operation Technique Videos

Our operation technique videos help surgeons choose where, when, and how to use Inion® bioabsorbable products. You can find the operation technique videos on the Videos page or Inion’s YouTube Channel.