Education with bioabsorbable products

Surgeon Education with bioabsorbable products

Inion is dedicated to ensuring that surgeons worldwide are equipped with the required knowledge and experience of Inion® bioabsorbable products and materials in order for them to make the informed choice on where, when and how to use our products. We try to design every product as easy-to-use as possible, so the handling characteristics of Inion products would be top class for every surgeon.

The following services are available to facilitate the different stages of surgeon education when working with Inion® products

  • Inion Surgeon to Surgeon Programme
  • Inion User Group Meetings
  • Inion Cadaver Training Labs
  • Inion In Theatre Training


The Inion Polku™ webinar program 2021 on bioabsorbable surgical implants

Inion is starting a new education program called Inion Polku™. The program is built to provide up-to-date information about Inion’s bioabsorbable surgical implants and their clinical use.

As part of the program we are launching a new webinar series which has been designed to provide useful information about the Inion technologies, products and their use in surgical applications. During this webinar program we have the opportunity to listen to surgeon guest presenters as well as our own product experts share their experiences with our products.

Please see the Inion Polku™ webinar program flyer below for more details. We’ll be updating the flyer with the exact dates of the autumn webinars as soon as they are definitively decided.

Inion Polku™ webinar program flyer

WEBINAR 1: Our webinar series started in June 2021. The presenter in the first webinar was Inion’s Senior Manager on Education and Evidence Mr. Harri Happonen. Mr. Happonen is one of the pioneers of bioabsorbable implant development with over 20 years of experience so his knowledge on the area is massive.

Below you’ll find the webinar video of the first Inion Polku webinar.

WEBINAR 1 VIDEO: The first 20 years with Inion Bioabsorbable Implants


WEBINAR 2: The topic of our second webinar was “Clinical experience of the Inion Freedom Plate, Pins and Screws” and the presenter was Mr. Tero Aaltonen, Inion’s Sales Manager of Finland. This webinar was dedicated to the clinical use and cases of the Inion Freedom bioabsorbable implant family.

Inion's webinar 2 presenter

Below you’ll find the webinar video of the second Inion Polku webinar. It is age-restricted on YouTube so to watch it, you’ll need to be signed in to YouTube to confirm your age.

WEBINAR 2 VIDEO: Clinical Experience of Inion Freedom Implants

WEBINAR 3: The topic of our next webinar is the Inion CPS™ Bioabsorbable Plating System and the webinar is held on September 16th, at 4.00PM (Helsinki time).  Our presenter will be Inion’s Senior Manager on Education and Evidence Mr. Harri Happonen. He’s excited to share his experience with these implants and tell which kind of feedback these implants have received during the last 20 years from surgeons and customers around the world.

The registration for Inion Polku Webinar 3 is now open: Registration link

We’ll be updating the rest of the registration links for signing in on our webinars on this page when the registrations are open. We’ll also be informing on LinkedIn when the registrations are open for each webinar.


Dr. Halimi’s Surgeon to Surgeon Education Programme in Paediatric Orthopaedics

We are starting a clinical education programme in paediatric orthopaedics hosted by paediatric orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Patrice Halimi. The Surgeon to Surgeon (S2S) education programme takes place monthly in Aix-en-Provence at Hospital Privé de Provence in France. We were originally planning on starting the programme in Spring 2020, but due to the coronavirus pandemic we have had to postpone the launch. We’ll be informing you about the new starting time as soon as it is decided.

Dr. Halimi has an extensive experience in using Inion Freedom™ biodegradable implants in paediatric orthopaedic surgery. This is an excellent opportunity to learn Dr. Halimi’s surgical techniques in paediatric orthopaedic patients. The 1,5 days’ programme will include live surgeries and education on Inion Freedom products, their surgical techniques and indications, features and benefits.


Clinical References

More than 300 000 surgeries have been conducted using Inion® implants since 2001. Several scientific publications demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the Inion® implants. See list of key references in the Inion Clinical Reference Guide.

Download Inion Clinical Reference Guide

Operation Technique Videos on Bioabsorbable Products

By clicking the link below you’ll find operation technique videos of our bioabsorbable implants.

See Operation Technique Videos