Inion announces new appointments

Inion announces several new appointments in 2023 including new members of the management team, internal appointments and new team members!

Internal appointments

A portrait of a smiling person against green background.Harri Happonen, Product Management Director

Harri Happonen has been appointed as the Product Management Director at Inion. He was also appointed to Inion’s management team. Harri is one of the pioneers in biomaterials with over 20 years of experience. Throughout the years, Harri has worked in various product development, international sales, marketing and education tasks at Inion. Harri is one of the founders of Inion Oy.


A portrait of a smiling person against green background.Tero Aaltonen, Sales Director

Tero Aaltonen has been appointed as Inion’s Sales Director. Tero is now also a member of Inion’s management team. Tero is well-known in the orthopaedic field in Finland as he has worked in the field since 2005. He has extensive experience in different orthopaedic product groups. Tero worked as the Sales Manager, Finland at Inion since 2018.


A portrait of a smiling person against green background.Kristiina Rautio, Supply Chain Manager

Kristiina Rautio is now in charge of Inion’s supply chain as she was appointed as the Supply Chain Manager. Previously, Kristiina worked as a Customer Service Specialist at Inion. She has a strong background in logistics, import and export as well as international sales.


A portrait of a smiling person against green background.Rosanna Silen, Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Rosanna Silen has been appointed as the Regulatory Affairs Specialist. Previously, Rosanna worked as the Regulatory Affairs Coordinator at Inion. Rosanna has a strong background in Biomedical Technology as she studied the field at Tampere University with a major in Cell technology and a minor in Commercialization and regulation of medical devices and software.


New experts in the Inion team

Portrait of a person against green background.Anna Haavisto, IT Specialist

Anna Haavisto joined the Inion team at the beginning of the year as our IT Specialist. Anna has a legal background and strong expertise in data protection matters. In her toolkit, she has brought us versatile knowledge and experience in IT functions and staff training. Anna is currently a master’s student in Cyber Security at Jyväskylä University.


A portrait of a smiling person against green background.Johanna Reunamäki, Customer Service Specialist

Johanna Reunamäki has worked as Customer Service Specialist at Inion since February 2023. Johanna has been a great addition to our Customer Service team with her extensive experience in customer service, sales support, and back-office tasks. Johanna has studied Business Administration at Tampere University majoring in management and marketing.


Anca Telembeci joined the Inion team at the beginning of August. Anca is an excellent addition to Inion’s regulatory team as she has a strong background in medical device quality assurance and regulatory affairs. Anca has a Master’s Degree in biomedical engineering from Tampere University and she has specialized in Medical Device Quality and Regulatory Affairs.

If you are interested in joining the Inion team, please visit our Careers page to see our open positions and Follow us on LinkedIn!