Instructions for Use for the Inion Surgical Products

Here you can find the Instructions for Use (IFU) for the Inion bioabsorbable surgical products. The products are listed in alphabetical order. Under each product, you’ll find the current IFU of that product on top and previous versions of the IFU below.

Surgical Implants

Inion BioRestore™ Synthetic Bone Graft Substitute

Current IFU

IFU Inion BioRestore™ rev. 4.1, 2022-10-01

Previous IFUs

IFU Inion BioRestore™ rev. 4, 2020-07-03

IFU Inion BioRestore™ rev. 3, 2019-04-01

Inion CompressOn™

Current IFU

IFU Inion CompressOn™ rev. 1, 2021-05-17

Inion CPS™ and Inion CPS™ Baby Bioabsorbable Fixation System

Current IFUs

IFU Inion CPS™ rev. 18 2023-02-01

IFU Inion CPS™ Baby rev. 14 2023-02-01

Previous IFUs

IFU Inion CPS™ rev. 17, 2019-04-01

IFU Inion CPS™ Baby rev. 13 2019-04-01

IFU Inion Inion CPS™ rev. 16, 2009-12

IFU Inion CPS™ Baby rev. 12, 2011-08-31

Inion FreedomPin™

Current IFU

IFU Inion FreedomPin™ rev. 2, 2019-04

Inion FreedomPlate™

Current IFU

IFU Inion FreedomPlate™ rev. 5, 2019-04-01

Inion FreedomScrew™

Current IFU

IFU Inion FreedomScrew™ rev. 3, 2019-04-01

Inion Hexalon™ Bioabsorbable Interference Screw

Current IFU

IFU Inion Hexalon™ rev. 14, 2021-10-15

Previous IFUs

IFU Inion Hexalon™ rev. 13, 2019-04-01

IFU Inion Hexalon™ rev. 12, 2018-12-05

Inion OTPS™

Current IFUs

IFU Inion OTPS™ Fixation Plates rev. 10, 2019-04-01

IFU Inion OTPS™ Mesh rev. 9, 2019-04-01

IFU Inion OTPS™ Mini rev. 11, 2019-04-01

IFU Inion OTPS™ Pin rev. 8, 2019-04-01

Inion S-1™

Current IFUs (Indications in EU and outside of USA)

IFU Inion S-1™ EU Part 1, Rev. 7 2019-04-01 (OUS) (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)

IFU Inion S-1™ EU Part 2, Rev. 7 2019-04-01 (OUS) (Polish, Danish, Greek, Dutch, Swedish, Czech, Finnish)

Surgical Instruments

Inion Instruments

Current IFUs

IFU Inion Instruments rev. 12, 2022-04-01

IFU Thermo Drape rev. 10, 2019-04-01

IFU Waterbath rev. 9, 2020-02-01

Previous IFUs

IFU Inion Instruments rev. 11, 2020-01-08

IFU Thermo Drape rev. 9, 2012-02-04

IFU Waterbath rev. 8, 2017-08-07