Benefits of Inion FixOn™ Biocomposite Suture Anchor

  • Excellent visibility of the implant during the operation: Inion FixOn™ Biocomposite Suture Anchor is the only colored biocomposite suture anchor on the market. The pigment (D&C Green No. 6) has routinely been used in implants and sutures for decades.
  • Highly visible, strong sutures (white/striped/blue): Suprabraid™ sutures are prepared from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (USP #2, metric 5).
  • Fast insertion and improved fixation strength over the healing period: The cannulated, fully threaded design with an additional thread in the proximal end increases cortical fixation.
  • Awl-only insertion technique: The high-strength implant material and optimized instrumentation enable the awl-only technique when preparing the insertion site in most bone densities.
  • Optimal material composition: Biocompatibility, strength and degradation properties are supported by test data and clinical studies of similar material compositions.
  • Based on in vitro degradation testing, the polymer component of the device is expected to fully degrade within 2-3 years