Clinical benefits

The bioabsorbable Inion Freedom™ screws provide several clinical benefits to trauma and reconstructive orthopaedic procedures:

  • Bone healing: maintenance of accurate alignment of
    • bone fractures
    • osteotomies
    • arthrodesis
    • bone grafts
      with appropriate additional immobilization
  • Avoidance of removal surgery, reducing patient trauma and cost
  • No permanent implant left in the body reducing risk of implant migration and stress shielding
  • No long-term implant palpation, visibility, temperature sensitivity


Additional benefits

The bioabsorbable Inion Freedom™ implants provide additional benefits due to their technical features and material composition:

  • Resorbs in 2–4 years
  • Predictable degradation progressively loads the bone to aid bone regeneration. The Inion Freedom™ implants maintain adequate strength during the healing period of fracture, osteotomy or other indicated procedure
  • No imaging interference: no artifact is created on X-ray, computer tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) by the material
  • No release or accumulation of metal debris, nor metal-induced allergies/sensitization
  • Sterile-packaged implants reduce the risk of cross-contamination and overall infection risk
  • Easier revision procedures: if re-operation is needed, the previously inserted Inion Freedom™ implants have either absorbed, or can simply be drilled through
  • MR Safe: the Inion Freedom™ screws are entirely made of non-conductive and non-ferrous material components
  • High-strength screws due to reinforced polymer
  • Low profile fixation due to low screw head design and the possibility to cut off the screw head (in case of fully-threaded screws)
  • Enhanced biomechanics of the plate-screw construct
    • The Inion FreedomScrews™ interlock with the Inion FreedomPlate™. The heat expands the screw shaft and engages the screw to the plate when cut with a hot wire
  • Anatomic low-profile plate-screw construct when used with Inion FreedomPlate™
  • The screws are delivered with a disposable metallic adapter and are compatible with widely-used universal instrumentation: ISO, ASIF, AO
  • The screws can be cut to the desired length during the operation, which allows low inventory quantities


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