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Inion® Family of Biodegradable Polymers

The Inion® Family of Biodegradable Polymers includes over 40 different recipes of co-polymer materials composed mainly of L-lactic acid, D-lactic acid and trimethylene carbonate (TMC).

In contrast to its competitors, who usually have just one material recipe to use for all their implants, Inion has the capability and know-how to combine several raw materials in different ratios, to get a wide range of material recipes, each with different properties. Combining several biodegradable polymers by co-polymer blending enables very controlled, steady degradation of the material without significant degradation peaks.

Optimal indication-specific tailoring is possible by changing the composition of the material. This approach of Inion allows indication-specific design of implants. For each new fixation implant, the most optimal biodegradable material can be selected depending on what is desired regarding strength, elasticity, toughness, malleability, strength retention and degradation time.

All Inion® implants biodegrade safely into carbon dioxide and water.