Operation Technique Videos

Our operation technique videos help surgeons choose where, when, and how to use Inion® bioabsorbable products. You can find all of our surgical technique videos on this page or directly on Inion’s YouTube Channel. The videos are listed by applications and product lines on this page. Some of the videos are age-restricted on YouTube so to watch them, you’ll need to be signed in to YouTube to confirm your age.


Inion CompressOn™ Headless Cannulated Compression Screw

Inion FreedomScrew™

Inion FreedomPlate™

Inion OTPS™ System

Sports Medicine

Inion FixOn™ Biocomposite Suture Anchor

Inion Hexalon™ Bioabsorbable Interference Screw


Inion CPS™ and Inion CPS™ Baby

Bone Grafting

Inion BioRestore™ Bone Graft Substitute


Inion GTR™ Tack


Inion S-1™ Anterior Cervical Fusion System