Inion OTPS™ implants are manufactured from Inion® Polymer blends and have optimized handling properties, strength and degradation characteristics that support a more natural healing process. The Inion OTPS™ implants retain their strength while bone healing occurs and then gradually loose their strength between 18 and 36 weeks to progressively load the bone. Complete mass loss will occur within 2-4 years. The Inion OTPS™ implants degrade by hydrolysis and over a period of time are metabolised through natural processes in the body into carbon dioxide and water which are then exhaled and extreted.

Inion OTPS™ System is composed of

  • Inion OTPS™ Pin
  • Inion OTPS™ Mesh
  • Inion OTPS™ Fixation System

Benefits of Inion OTPS™ System

  • Simple and precise plate adaption
  • Flexible syndesmosis screw positioning
  • Reduced patient trauma, cost and rehabilitation time since routine metal implant removal is not required
  • Predictable degradation progressively loads the bone to aid bone regeneration
  • Addresses patient concerns about implant permanence, palpability and temperature sensitivity