Webinar: History of Bioactive Glass by Erik Vedel on November 17th

The topic of our next webinar is “History of Bioactive Glass”, presented by Mr. Erik Vedel (Ph.D.). The webinar is organized online on Zoom on Thursday, November 17th from 16:00 to 16:45 (Helsinki time).

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The webinar focuses on the history and development of bioactive glass. Mr. Vedel also introduces the properties and chemistry of bioactive glass and its use in medical applications.

We warmly welcome you to join us! This webinar concludes this year’s Inion Polku™ education webinar series.

Webinar on YouTube

Erik Vedel

Mr. Erik Vedel works as a Principle Scientist on Glass Technology at Arctic Biomaterials Oy, Finland. He has an extremely comprehensive background and knowledge of glass technologies through his work experience and education. Please find his biography below.



Born 1962 Copenhagen, Denmark. Moved to Finland in 1989.


2015 Ph.D at Åbo Akademi University. The subject of the research project was physical and chemical properties of special glasses, also known as bioactive glasses. Thesis: Predicting the properties of Bioactive Glasses (2008)

1989 The Technical University of Denmark. Degree of M.Sc. Mechanical engineering. (Machinery design, Materials technology, and Production technique).


2019 – Present. Principal Scientist, Glass technology, Arctic Biomaterials Oy.

2013 – 2019 Process Development Engineer at Paroc Oy Ab (Melting, energy optimization and flue gas cleaning).

2011 -2013 Process Development Manager at BonAlive Biomaterials Ltd. (Development, optimization, and validation of production processes and equipment).

2007 – 2011: Glass chemist at Fiskars Group, Iittala glass Factories (Glass mass and new glass colors development).

2007: Production Technology Manager Vivoxid Oy (Development, optimization, and validation of production processes and equipment).

2001-2006: Research Associate/Ph. D. student at department for Combustion and Materials Research, Process Chemistry Centre, Åbo Akademi University.

1996 -2001: Production manager at Abmin Technologies Ltd

1995 -1996: Documentation engineer at Oy Data City Center Ab.

1989 – 1995: Research and laboratory engineer at University of Turku/Biomaterials project.

1989 -1989: R&D, Technical sales support engineer at Elatec OY, Finland.

1987 – 1988: The Technical University of Denmark, Department of Metallurgy. Student teacher

1986: Danit a/s, Denmark. Project Engineer.


2011-2012: Glass chemist at Fiskars Group, Iittala glass Factories.

2001 -2006: Consultant at Abmin Technologies Ltd./Vivoxid Oy

1990 -1992: Consultant at LM-Dental.

1988 -1989: Elatec Oy, Finland. Consultant


1994 Bioxid Oy (co-founder and co-owner)

1997 Stich Tech Oy (Sold 2011) (co-founder)

DelsiTech Oy 1999 (co-founder)

Vivoxid Oy 2002 (Sold 2012) (co-founder and co-owner).


2 Patents, 22 Peer-reviewed articles and 20 Proceedings/abstracts.